Car Scrapyard

Car Scrapyard Singapore | Singapore Scrap Yard

Scrap Car Singapore has its very own scrap yard where it is the avenue where we do our sorting out and weighing of automobile materials before a value is determined.

Our speciality has enabled us to export a large amount of processed scrap to various markets, which has allowed us to give our clients excellent prices for their vehicles which they would like to scrap. We buy almost every car models and help you to do all the paper work and exportation of your car.

We provide a hassle-free car scrap process. Get immediate cash from us and let us take care of your car when your COE expires. In our scrapyard, we can easily link you up with various exporters so that you can get the most value out of your car, regardless of your car condition or model.

If you are unsure about the process of scrapping a car and the necessary documents you can prepare, feel free to contact us and our expertise will guide you along.

Our Scrapyard Car Scrapping Process:

o ELVs (end of life vehicles) are dismantled and then accessed in a safe environment
o The car will be de-polluted
o Car fluids will be drained out and disposed safely
o Removal of recyclable parts and accessories
o Accessing reusable parts, which will be recycled
o The remaining parts are shredded, crushed and melted down