Ultimate Service Package

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Molychem Engine Oil Fully Synthetic 5W40 OR 0W30

Mileage/Month Interval :Every 10,000km / 6 mths

Package include:

4L engine Oil

Oil Filter

Petrol Power Additive

Engine Oil Power Additive

25point Checking

Petrol Additive : Clean up Complete fuel system & combustion chamber. Improve power, acceleration , help restore engine perfomance . BMW level deposit control performance.                                                                                                                                                                        

Engine Additive : Ruduction of friction & wear . Clean engine , ensures optimum engine power , ruduce noise & stabilise oil pressure , improved oil consumption

Molychem Engine Oil : Outstanding detergent & dispersant properties which meets the stringent requirements.

Superior anti-sludge and anti-wear performance to keep engine clean & protected.

Advance additive chemistry to provide excellent fuel economy.

Excellent in meeting OEM extended drain targets.

Anti-corrosion & anti-foam properties.